Effective, Conservative Leadership for State Representative

In the Florida House of Representatives, Carl Domino was one of the most effective conservative leaders in our state. In the military, in business, in our community, and in the State Capitol, Carl Domino has been a proven leader. Carl Domino wrote the original law to make the "Save Our Homes" tax savings "portable," allowing homeowners to take their savings with them when they move. Whether it's providing property tax relief, holding government bureaucrats accountable, or stopping runaway deficit spending, Carl Domino is the conservative leader we need working for us in the State House..

Real Property Tax Relief

  • Carl Domino's leadership made the "Save Our Homes" tax savings "portable," allowing homeowners to take their tax savings with them when they move.
  • Carl Domino passed a constitutional amendment which would help first-time home buyers save $1,500 or more on their property taxes.

Balancing the Budget

  • Carl Domino is one of Florida's most trusted and respected budget experts, with a degree in accounting and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Homeowners Insurance Relief

  • Carl Domino has fought to ensure citizens can obtain affordable property insurance by increasing the catastrophic fund and improving statewide building codes.

Protecting Senior Citizens

  • To protect Florida's senior citizens, Carl Domino passed legislation which reduced consumer fraud through better home inspections and mold remediation.
  • Carl Domino fought to use modern technology to prevent unnecessary deaths of thousands by ending doctor/pharmacy shopping and black market prescription drug sales, while protecting the privacy rights of Floridians.